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Metapink Bow Dog Harness by Moshiqa

  • $175.00


Metapink Bow Dog Harness by Moshiqa

  • $175.00


Fulfilled by our friends at Moshiqa

The absolute Show Stopper!

If you search for an alluring harness for your beloved, we’ve got you covered. The signature Moshiqa harness design is now fully upscaled with the glam touch of Paris Hilton!

When we were designing the Metapink Bow Harness we thought of a runway show on the land of the marvelous Metaverse; hosted by the one and only Paris Hilton and starring by the fanciest fur kids.

The luxurious Metapink Bow Harness brings the fashion's latest hot pink aesthetic to furry wardrobes with the addition of the cuteness of a spectacular bow. Metapink Bow Harness features the highest quality components and refined gold hardware and is designed with the latest techniques for ensuring an ergonomic fit for furbabies' bodies. The signature bow topped with the Moshiqa monograms makes this iconic harness naively elegant. With its 3D hot pink bow, furbabies can experience being the star of the Metaverse while exploring this wonderland. The attachable gold D ring on the back enables the leash connection for your daily walkies, and turn them into a runway show! So, get ready for some attention...

Combined with the high-end silhouette and exquisite craftsmanship, we created a timeless classic for the posh pet wardrobes that never go out of style. Level up your harness game for the Metaworld with Metapink Bow Harness!

Harness, leash, collar... Every piece of the Metapink Collection's Lead The Walk section can be mixed & matched with each other. You can choose freely with the inspiration of your furkid and make a one-of-a-kind set for your own fashion show.